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AR Factoring

Also Known As “Account Receivable Financing” or “Invoice Factoring”,

A Simple way to get Your Outstanding Invoices Funded Immediately


AR Factoring is a form of business financing that can breakthrough the barriers that restrict business growth. 

When accepting business that would leave you waiting for 15, 30 or even 60+ days for the invoice to be paid, we help facilitate AR Factoring to purchase your outstanding invoices and in as little as 24 hours, the cash is in your account. 

Typically 90% of that invoice as cash now, and an additional 7% to 8% based on when the invoice is finally collected. If your business has been limited or impacted by the length of time it takes to collect an invoice, let us help. 

How Does An “Over-Advance” Help Eliminate High Interest Debt?

Typically any time a business is in a contract with a financing company there is some sort of collateral, when it comes to unsecured financing the collateral is usually a UCC filing. 

Since AR Factoring is technically a loan against future invoices and would need to secure 1st position UCC, we can often times secure additional financing commonly referred to as an “Over-Advance” that is used to eliminate high interest debt. The Over Advance is based on your company’s yearly invoicing numbers. 

In Many cases we have seen business owners utilizing Merchant Cash Advances and Unsecured Receivable Financing to bridge the gap, in a much more painful way, and then the business is being dragged down by heavy payments. We would pay off those balances directly and then withhold a separate and additional percentage 1%-3% from collected invoices until paid off, drastically reducing the monthly payment.


Strategy and Planning

Start the project with confidence, having a greater control of the budget can be exactly what your business needs to boom.


Invoice to cash in as little as 24hrs

Accept Projects That Take Longer To Pay, free up any cashflow restrictions inhibiting growth


As Low As 2%

Avoid High Interest Debt Being Used To Bridge The Gap When We Can Utilize The Invoice Itself


Credit Not Important

With AR Factoring the party we’re looking at is the one that’s paying the invoice. All we need is a one time simple introduction.